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"The dinner was wonderful and it was a great evening. Thank you so much for arranging this."

Mark and Susan (USA)

"It was wonderful! We would highly recommend the experience to others. Food and conversation were just wonderful."

Nancy and Bob (USA)


Enjoy the Netherlands and visit the famous landmarks. Afterwards have a Home Dinner with one of our wonderful host families!

gevels zomer

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The perfect match

We will match you and your friends with one of the specially selected host families for a Home Dinner. We will make the right match for a wonderful and unique evening!

What do you get?

You can enjoy our local hospitality and a 3-course dinner at the homes of our host families. Drinks are included. A Home Dinner takes 3 to 4 hours.

What does it cost?

The costs of a dinner are €50 per person. Children from the age of 4 to 16 are charged €35 and children younger than 4 years old are free of charge. All prices include taxes.

Listen to the stories about Dutch culture, find out more about Holland and enjoy your 3-course dinner.
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What our guests say

We really had a very nice evening with Karen and Robert. They were both open and friendly and had prepared a very nice dinner. It will be an evening we will remember for a long time, and both the company, intersting discussions, the food and wine was excellent. We think that you did a good job by finding that match for us. It was certainly an interesting and enjoyable experience to Dine with the Dutch. Thank you for this service, it definitely added an extra dimensions to our trip to Amsterdam.

Stina Lundgren and Udo (Sweden)
Stina Lundgren and Udo (Sweden)About their Home Dinner with Karen and Robert (March 2015)

We had an amazing night. All of us very much enjoyed their company…. They fed us until we were very full with delicious food. I would highly recommend them for others to visit! Freek and Marit and Marta were wonderful and the food was deliciously gourmet!

Jeff Withman, Andrea and Bean (USA)
Jeff Withman, Andrea and Bean (USA)About their Home Dinner with Freek and Marit (March 2015)

The dinner went incredibly well….what a perfect match! This had to be the ultimate ‘Dine with the Dutch’ experience. Jo was exceptional under all aspects: great apartment with views on the canal, table set up really well with other two people at dinner as well, very good food with lots and lots of choice, wine, port/whisky, etc.

Alessio Pagliano and Robert Nunn (Italy / UK)
Alessio Pagliano and Robert Nunn (Italy / UK)About their Home Dinner with Jo (March 2015)

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