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Because of our 5th anniversary we give a special price for a Home Dinner!

Till the 1st of January the price of a Home Dinner is € 42,50 per person


Enjoy the Netherlands and visit the famous landmarks. Afterwards have a Home Dinner with one of our wonderful host families!

gevels zomer

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The perfect match

We will match you and your friends with one of the specially selected host families for a Home Dinner. We will make the right match for a wonderful and unique evening based on the info you provide us and our years of experience!

What do you get?

A unique and wonderful evening that is considered a highlight of their holiday for most of our guests! You can enjoy our local hospitality and a 3-course dinner at the homes of our host families. Drinks are included. A Home Dinner takes 3 to 4 hours.

What does it cost?

Because of our 5 year anniversary the price of a Home Dinner is temporarily €42,50 per person until the 1st of january 2016! Children from the age of 4 to 16 are charged €30 and children younger than 4 years old are free of charge. All prices include taxes.

Listen to the stories about Dutch culture, find out more about Holland and enjoy your 3-course dinner.
Please fill in the booking form!

What our guests say

We five had a wonderful time with Sjaak and Ellen!  Their lovely home and welcoming back garden dining area were so refreshing and relaxing.  Ellen was a perfect hostess with a delicious meal and constant attention to our every need.  Sjaak was a charming host and extremely generous with some fine red wine.  The conversation was just what I’d hoped it would be — lively and informative.  I really felt that we received an authentic and hospitable Dutch experience.

Bonnie Leitch, Billy, Brock, Jack & Megan (USA)
Bonnie Leitch, Billy, Brock, Jack & Megan (USA)About their Home Dinner with Sjaak and Ellen (July 2015)

Our dinner with Freek and Marit was fantastic! Great food…Great company…It was terrific! Thanks for everything!

Dale Rohrbach and his family (USA)
Dale Rohrbach and his family (USA)About their Home Dinner with Freek and Marit (July 2015)

Thank you for arranging our match. Our hosts were lovely and it was a very nice evening. It adds a unique dimension to travel.

Justine and Angelo (Canada)
Justine and Angelo (Canada)About their Home Dinner with Arjan and Nathalie (July 2015)

I had an absolutely wonderful evening with Wilhelmina and Peter.  When I try to remember it, it seems like a fairytale. After five minutes I felt about them like very old friends and we had a very rich conversation. They had prepared a wonderful dinner with such great “raffinement” . Wilhelmina is an experienced cook and all the food was choosen as the best of the best. Around the table all these beautiful glasses  and pictures!!

Hildegard Engel (Germany)
Hildegard Engel (Germany)About her Home Dinner with Wilhelmina and Peter (September 2015)

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