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Get to know the Dutch in a unique way

Book a Home Dinner with one of our specially selected hosts. Listen to their stories about Dutch culture and find out more about Holland while enjoying your 3-course dinner! It’s an opportunity to make friends for life.

What’s the concept?
Based on your individual preferences, Dine with the Dutch will match you and your companions with one of the specially selected host families. We will make the perfect match so you can enjoy a wonderful and unique evening! Most of our hosts live in Amsterdam, but we can also organize you a Home Dinner in Utrecht, Deventer, Brouwershaven (Sealand), Schiedam (near Rotterdam) and Breukeleveen (between Utrecht and Amsterdam). Click here to see the host locations on the map of the Netherlands.

Do you want to have a special evening? For many tourists (foreign or Dutch), expats and immigrants Dine with the Dutch has been a wonderful and memorable experience, a unique way to find out more about Holland and the people who live there. No dining in a standard restaurant, but a specially organised evening for you! You receive directions from us and all locations can be reached by Public Transport. You can finally ring that doorbell at a typical Dutch house near a canal or explore a neighborhood you would normally not visit.

If you like to know more about Dine with the Dutch, or want to book a Home Dinner, you can visit the other pages on this site.