If you have ever enjoyed a Home Dinner at Dine with the Dutch we would most appreciate it if you send us your review of the whole experience.
You can read the reviews of other former guests below.

Hildegard Engel (Germany)

I had an absolutely wonderful evening with Wilhelmina and Peter.  When I try to remember it, it seems like a fairytale. After five minutes I felt about them like very old friends and we had a very rich conversation. They had prepared a wonderful dinner with such great “raffinement” . Wilhelmina is an experienced cook and all the food was choosen as the best of the best. Around the table all these beautiful glasses  and pictures!!

Hildegard Engel (Germany)About her Home Dinner with Wilhelmina and Peter (September 2015)
Bonnie Leicht and Billy, Brock, Jack & Megan (USA)

We five had a wonderful time with Sjaak and Ellen!  Their lovely home and welcoming back garden dining area were so refreshing and relaxing.  Ellen was a perfect hostess with a delicious meal and constant attention to our every need.  Sjaak was a charming host and extremely generous with some fine red wine.  The conversation was just what I’d hoped it would be — lively and informative.  I really felt that we received an authentic and hospitable Dutch experience.

Bonnie Leicht and Billy, Brock, Jack & Megan (USA)About their Home Dinner with Sjaak and Ellen (July 2015)
Bob Conley and Evan (USA)
We had a fabulous time with Floor and Tom! They prepared a magnificent three course meal for us and we enjoyed sharing our travel experiences. We also greatly appreciated their recommendations for places to visit in Holland outside of Amsterdam. We hope to meet up with them when they visit New York in the coming months. (..) This was truly a unique experience and one of the highlights of our travels this summer.
Bob Conley and Evan (USA)about their Home Dinner with Floor and Tom (August 2015)
Dale Rohrbach and his family (USA)

Our dinner with Freek and Marit was fantastic! Great food…Great company…It was terrific! Thanks for everything!

Dale Rohrbach and his family (USA)About their Home Dinner with Freek and Marit (July 2015)
Justine and Angelo (Canada)

Thank you for arranging our match. Our hosts were lovely and it was a very nice evening. It adds a unique dimension to travel.

Justine and Angelo (Canada)About their Home Dinner with Arjan and Nathalie (July 2015)
Johnny Heidemann, Jonna and their little daughter (Denmark)

We had a VERY lovely night at Floor & Tom´s place. They are the most sweet people you can be together with, and they are very friendly and hospitable. The food they served was inspired by local traditions and prepared with a touch of their own, so good and delicate, and plenty of wine :-). We will highly recommend other people to make a visit at Floor and Tom’s.

Johnny Heidemann, Jonna and their little daughter (Denmark)About their Home Dinner with Floor and Tom (May 2015)
Olga Sidneva (Russia)

I did have a wonderful time, the guys were extremely nice and hospitable. The food was delicious, and the company great. It happened to be my birthday on that exact day, so in addition to just a nice evening in a pleasant company it was also a very non-trivial birthday for me :) Thank you for this great idea and wonderful service! I will gladly repeat the experience when I visit next time!

Olga Sidneva (Russia)About her Home Dinner with Floor and Tom (May 2015)
Ira Brandenburg and Anne Wolf (USA)

We had a wonderful dinner and visit with Sjaak and Ellen. They could not have been more gracious to us — like friends they already knew. We got along well with them and found we had many things in common, as well as an opportunity for each couple to ask about life in our home countries. The dinner was superb — in everything from pre-dinner drinks to a delicious, typical Dutch meal of beef in a beer sauce.

Ira Brandenburg and Anne Wolf (USA)About their Home Dinner with Sjaak and Ellen (April 2015)
Jeff Whitman, Andrea and Bean (USA)

We had an amazing night. All of us very much enjoyed their company…. They fed us until we were very full with delicious food. I would highly recommend them for others to visit! Freek and Marit and Marta were wonderful and the food was deliciously gourmet!

Jeff Whitman, Andrea and Bean (USA)About their Home Dinner with Freek and Marit (March 2015)
Alessio Pagliano and Robert Nunn (Italy / UK)

The dinner went incredibly well….what a perfect match! This had to be the ultimate ‘Dine with the Dutch’ experience. Jo was exceptional under all aspects: great apartment with views on the canal, table set up really well with other two people at dinner as well, very good food with lots and lots of choice, wine, port/whisky, etc.

Alessio Pagliano and Robert Nunn (Italy / UK)About their Home Dinner with Jo (March 2015)
Alex Nobert and Jenny Sweeney (Canada)

Our dinner with Eveline and Jonathan was amazing! We had a great time, the food was fantastic — particularly the dessert! — and we stayed for several hours chatting after dinner. We were so happy with it!

Alex Nobert and Jenny Sweeney (Canada)About their Home Dinner with Eveline and Jonathan (September 2014)
Su and Jeremy Bonfanti (UK)

We had a great time! It was so different to have dinner in a real home in the centre of the city. We had long discussions about politics and of course about art. I think maybe we stayed too long! But we will definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to know more about Dutch life.

Su and Jeremy Bonfanti (UK)About their Home Dinner with Wim and Marja (September 2014)
Sylvaine Detchemendy (France)

I enjoyed it very much. Jo and her friends were friendly and very interesting, and the food was delicious! They told us lots of things about Amsterdam, things that I wouldn’t have found in my guide book. […] They were very good tips! “Dine with the Dutch” is really a great concept, I will recommend it to my friends if ever they plan to go to Amsterdam.

Sylvaine Detchemendy (France)About her Home Dinner with Jo (September 2014)
Rosemary and Mark Blumberg (Australia)

We had a wonderful time at Jo’s house boat dinner last Wednesday. The mix of guests was excellent, the conversation superb, and, the food exquisite! A great and a memorable night for us in Amsterdam. Many thanks for providing this excellent service.

Rosemary and Mark Blumberg (Australia)About their Home Dinner with Jo (September 2014)
Amy and Patrick Hagen (USA)

We had a wonderful time with Annelies and her friend, Alex. They were gracious hosts and we stayed past 11pm talking about everything imaginable. Thank you so much for arranging the dinner for us. It was one of the true highlights of our entire trip!

Amy and Patrick Hagen (USA)About their Home Dinner with Annelies and Alex (August 2014)
Stephen and Lindsay (UK)

Lindsay and I had a good time at the dinner, thanks. Marit and Freek were very friendly and cooked us a good meal, and gave us an interesting insight into life in the Netherlands. We were glad we arranged this unusual experience!

Stephen and Lindsay (UK)About their Home Dinner with Freek and Marit (August 2014)
Lynn Jewell Coon and Nicole and Nathan (Canada)

We had a lovely evening with Petra.  She cooked a great meal in a lovely setting and we had good conversation. […] I have recommended your website to others. I think it was a great experience.

Lynn Jewell Coon and Nicole and Nathan (Canada)About their Home Dinner with Petra (June 2014)
Garry and Antida (Australia)

We had an enjoyable time with Marjolijn and Sebastian at the recent dinner at their house. Despite the difference in our age brackets we had a stimulating conversation and we learned a lot about Dutch everyday life and customs.

Garry and Antida (Australia)About their Home Dinner with Marjolijn and Sebastian (June 2014)
Martina Anlauf and Ruth (Germany)

My aunt Ruth and I spent a wonderful evening with Wilhelmina and Peter. They are lovely people. Wilhelmina had cooked a great meal, we had good conversations and learned a lot about the Netherlands and antique glass. I invited them to visit my parents and me in Germany and have dinner there with us. I certainly hope, we will stay in touch. Thanks a lot for your organisation.

Martina Anlauf and Ruth (Germany)About their Home Dinner with Wilhelmina and Peter (June 2014)
Doug and Colleen (USA)

Our dinner and discussion with Sjaak and Ellen was just delightful! They were very friendly and inviting so the evening raced by before we knew it. Thank you Dine with the Dutch!

Doug and Colleen (USA)About their Home Dinner with Sjaak and Ellen (May 2014)
Hong and Jim (USA)
We couldn’t be happier with our dinner at Freek and Marit’s. They are very hospitable, warm, open-minded and fun! It was a great evening with lively conversations, cultural exchanges and laughters.  Not to mention those healthy, delicious and wholesome foods that we are so costumed to eat in NYC!
Hong and Jim (USA)About their Home Dinner with Freek and Marit (Kingsday 2014)
Jenny and Jørgen Nilsson (Sweden)

We had a wonderful evening with great food, good conversation and a lot of laughs. Maud, Robert and Noah is the most perfect host you could wish for and we really hope we can repay the hospitality to them if they ever come to Sweden.

Jenny and Jørgen Nilsson (Sweden)About their Home Dinner with Maud and Robert (May 2014)
Judy Buxton and Carol (USA)

I just wanted to say our dinner with Corrie was the best way we could have ended our stay in Amsterdam. Her home and dinner were superb and she was so gracious. Carol and I felt so comfortable and really had a most wonderful evening.

Judy Buxton and Carol (USA)About their Home Dinner with Corrie (May 2014)
Britta Beumers (Germany)

It was a wonderful evening. We had a lot of fun and both were great hosts – and made good food. I’m happy that I decided to try this little experience. I would do it again and will recommend it.

Britta Beumers (Germany)About her Home Dinner with Marjolijn and Sebastian (March 2014)
Bob and Ruth (USA)

We really enjoyed our dinner with Freek and
Marit. The food was excellent, and we enjoyed their company.

Bob and Ruth (USA)About their Home Dinner with Freek and Marit (New Years Eve, 2013)
Eddie and family (UK)

We have arrived back to the UK and the highlight of our trip to Amsterdam was most definitely our dine with the Dutch dinner. The food was amazing and the conversation even better. It was a wonderful experience which we will recommend and remember with great fondness. Regards and thanks. Eddie ,vanessa ,Max.Polly Tony and linda.

Eddie and family (UK)About their Home Dinner with Michiel and Hanneke (December 2013)
Arnold and Fran (USA)

The memories of our talking and dining with Wilhelmina and Peter will be forever etched in our memories. Our conversations covered our lifetimes and included politics and religion. Fran and I loved the dinner. Based on our experience, we will be telling friends and family planning a trip to Amsterdam to include Dine with the Dutch on their itinerary.

Arnold and Fran (USA)About their Home Dinner with Wilhelmina and Peter (September 2013)
Mark and Susan (USA)

The dinner was wonderful and it was a great evening. Thank you so much for arranging this. It definitely lived up to our expectations. This is the best way to experience another country.

Mark and Susan (USA)About their Home Dinner with Sjaak and Ellen (August 2013)
Tracy, her mother and children (USA)

We had a *lovely* time. Thanks for connecting us to Jo. She was a joy to get to know, and provided an AMAZING meal. We are still talking about how fun the evening was.

Tracy, her mother and children (USA)About their Home Dinner with Jo (May 2013)
Lori, Todd and Kathleen (USA)

Dine with the Dutch was an absolute highlight of our trip. Wiebe and Ineke – besides having a glorious and luxurious home with all kinds of eye candy to keep us absorbed – served up an amazing dinner of traditional dishes. From the appetizers of Dutch cheeses and raw meat, Wiebe’s unforgettable “soup with balls”, a traditional braised meat dish, the flavorful sides of cabbage and apples, and a scrumptious dessert with yogurt and strawberries, the menu was divine –  and gluten-free to boot! (Not a request but a bonus…). We laughed the whole night away swapping stories. WONDERFUL experience.

Lori, Todd and Kathleen (USA)About their Home Dinner with Wiebe and Ineke (May 2013)
Drishty and Kunal (UK)

It was just AMAZING!! Thank you so much for matching us with such amazing people. Both Marjolijn and Sebastian were just wonderful, warm and very interesting. We couldn’t stop talking and sharing our experiences. They made such delicous dinner and we sat talking for a very long time.

Drishty and Kunal (UK)About their Home Dinner with Marjolijn and Sebastian (April 2013)
Nancy and Bob (USA)

It was wonderful! We would highly recommend the experience to others. Food and conversation were just wonderful. What a beautiful home and just minutes from our hotel! Thanks for making it possible.

Nancy and Bob (USA)About their Home Dinner with Wiebe and Ineke (February 2013)
Giles and Philip (UK)

I just wanted to write to tell you what an amazing time we had with you. We are so thankful that you made our Christmas so beautiful with your amazing food, great conversation, and copious amounts of wine! I meant every word I said in my previous email, and really hope that we can see each other again soon in our subsequent travels to your lovely city.

Giles and Philip (UK) About their Christmas Home Dinner with Sigrid and Jan (December 2012)
Bernadette and her daughter Kayla (Australia)

I wanted to let you know that Kayla and I had the best time with Wim and Marja. They are truly lovely people so easy to get along with. The food was great but the company was even better. I felt we clicked from “hello”. Their son was also there which was great as he was a similar age to Kayla. We enjoyed seeing their home and learning about the history of the building. Kayla enjoyed her holiday and seeing for herself and every street/canal looked beautiful and just like the postcards.

Bernadette and her daughter Kayla (Australia)About their Home Dinner with Wim and Marja (December 2012)
Roberta and Joyce (USA)

We had lots of fun. They are charming and very gracious. We loved seeing that part of town and discussing many things with them: Amsterdam history and architecture and politics. Thank you for arranging everything!

Roberta and Joyce (USA)About their Home Dinner with Sjaak and Ellen (August 2012)
Pam (USA)

Eveline and Jonathan were the perfect hosts. They provided a delicious menu. It was all lovingly prepared by Eveline. (…) My only wish – I wish we could have had even more time!!!! This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience. I could not have been more thrilled.!

Pam (USA)About her Home Dinner with Eveline and Jonathan (April 2012)
Karoline and Frode (Norway)

Me and Frode had a great evening with Wim and Marja. It was also nice to meet the danish couple. We enjoyed the food and company very much. It was so great to meet a Dutch couple to hear more about Amsterdam and the many social differences from our country. Thank you for hosting this dinner.

Karoline and Frode (Norway)About their Home Dinner with Wim and Marja (April 2012)
Anna, Dmitiriy and Adam (USA)

That was a very wonderful, pleasant evening! Mauds cooking and hospitality was fantastic. The whole family was friendly and welcoming. I am so glad we had the opportunity to experience this dinner. Thank you for such a unique and terrific experieince.

Anna, Dmitiriy and Adam (USA)About their Home Dinner with Maud and Robert (April 2012)
Michael and Lena (Austria)

It sounds like a made-up story, but dining in a museum surrounded by centuries-old furnishing is what you get at an evening with Don and Benedict. It is hard to tell what impressed us most – the stunning collection of pipes from all around the world, the fascinating stories about their lives or the delicious Dutch food prepared for us. In a truly relaxed and charming atmosphere, Don and Benedict provided us with a great glance on what it means to live in the center of Amsterdam and how this has changed throughout the years. The food was prepared and served with the same passion for detail with which the two restored and renovated their Grachten-house. With all the entertaining conversation, time passed by so quickly that only the midnight bell could get us out. We hope Don and Benedict enjoyed it as much as we did!

Michael and Lena (Austria)About their Home Dinner with Don and Benedict (April 2012)
Anne and Peer (Denmark)

Sigrid and Jan were very kind and they served a fantastic dinner and the wines were not less great. They had invited 2 of their neighbours at the same time, and that was a success because then we got even more information about Amsterdam and the conversation went very smoothly. Certainly not the last time we visit and Dine with the Dutch.

Anne and Peer (Denmark)About their Home Dinner with Sigrid and Jan (March 2012)
Christina and Julie (UK)

Julie and I would like to thank you for arranging for us such a ‘gezellig’ evening with Carina and Albert. We had a wonderful time: warm welcome, superb food, excellent wines and so much to talk about! The evening sped by and all too soon it was time to say goodbye. We would have no hesitation in recommending ‘Dine with the Dutch’ to all our friends.

Christina and Julie (UK)About their Home Dinner with Carina and Albert (February 2012)
Golnaz Assan and Mohammad (Iran)

Thanks for your matching. We had a really wonderful evening with them. Dinner was absolutely delicious and we so enjoyed getting to know them. They are so nice and hospitable.

The starter was fabulous and the wines were outstanding. Everything was delicious, including of course that amazing dessert that looked so professional I still can’t believe they MADE that. (..) We reach there very easily and after dinner we walked around Utrecht, the city was really beautiful.

Golnaz Assan and Mohammad (Iran)About their Home Dinner with John and Tyra in Utrecht (November 2011)
Joseph Dulude (USA)

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful evening it was. The food was delicious and the conversation was wonderful. I had a great night. Thank you so much for having this program in place!

Joseph Dulude (USA)About his Home Dinner with Annelies and Ruud (November 2011)
Robin and Kuniaki (Japan)

We had a most enjoyable dinner with Don and Benedict. They are a fascinating couple with a wide range of interests and many different things to talk about. Their pipe collection is simply amazing. (…) From the moment that we arrived we felt most welcome, and our conversation just started from there, and continued almost uninterrupted throughout dinner which, by the way, was deliciously Dutch. (…)

Robin and Kuniaki (Japan)About their Home Dinner with Don and Benedict (September 2011)
Carey (USA)

Thank you!! I feel I have new friends, new food experiences, conversations that I’m STILL thinking about and a desire to come back to Amsterdam as soon as possible. For a single traveler like me, that was irreplaceable – feeling at home in a new city made all the difference. I can’t remember the last time I felt so challenged and accepted at the same time: that is a real gift the two of you have… is it Dutch?

And as an American who claims her Dutch ancestry, I can think of no better way to start the search for connection.  I know there’s so much to know and see in The Netherlands, but the people are who make it what it is today (…). I had an incredibly memorable time. I will be thinking about our conversations for some time to come. And that is also a gift. Thank you.

Carey (USA)About her Home Dinner with Hanneke and Michiel (August 2011)
 Liliane (Switzerland)

Thanks again for the delicious meal and the unforgettable evening I could spend with you and Ellen.  It is still very present on my mind.

The tram took me to the Dam, and of course no tram anymore to the westermarkt. In the darkness and rain I was lost for a moment, didn’t know which street to take. A police car was waiting at the red light to turn to green, so I asked them for the way. They invited me into the backseat – next to bulletproof vests and (?) knüppel – and drove me right to the hotel! One more unforgettable memory!

Liliane (Switzerland)About her Home Dinner with Ellen and Hanneke (July 2011)
Claire and Peter (USA)

(…)We had a wonderful time. Eskil and Ronald were just great…..we loved the experience and will definitely recommend your program to anyone who asks.

Claire and Peter (USA)About their Home Dinner with Eskil and Ronald (May 2011)
Michael (USA)

Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing Don & Benedict’s impression. I had a fantastic evening that exceeded my expectations. I found both of them to be socially graceful as hosts and very easy and relaxed to speak with. Benedict cooked a wonderful meal.. however, the best part of the evening was the conversation and extraordinary company I had the pleasure of being with. I would highly recommend this concept to everyone.

Michael (USA)About his Home Dinner with Don and Benedict (February 2011)
Rita (Italy)

Barbara is a lovely person and we had a really nice dinner. I enjoyed very much the meal and the atmosphere was that one of a warm girls evening! (..) Thank you very much.

Rita (Italy)About her Home Dinner with Barbara (February 2011)
Ditte and Judith (Denmark)

(..) We recommend Dine with the Dutch to every person we talk to, it made our trip to Amsterdam very special.

Ditte and Judith (Denmark)About their Home Dinner with Don and Benedict (October 2010)
Myla and Darren (Canada)

We want to let you know we had a fabulous dinner at Sascha & Bert’s house. Our experience in their home was beyond our expectations. Sascha is a wonderful cook and they listen to great music and both a delight to get to know. The dinner was one of the most memorable highlights of our trip.  Thank you so much for the services your website offered, you did a great job matching us up with some interesting people…and hopefully some friends for life!!

Myla and Darren (Canada)About their Home Dinner with Sascha and Bert (October 2010)
Brian and Cache (USA)

Hanneke and Michiel, thank you again for a wonderful evening. We had an amazing time, and I know I personally learned a ton and now have a lot to research and study. It was a very engaging and engrossing discussion and I enjoyed every moment of it. Cheers!

Brian and Cache (USA)About their Home Dinner with Hanneke and Michiel (October 2010)
Lucy and Sidney (USA)

This was absolutely fabulous! We had a wonderful dinner and, even better, we made great friends with Wim and Marja and I am sure we will stay in touch. They were great hosts and the entire evening was much more than we expected. The dinner was delicious and I have told many of our friends about this opportunity. (..) This is a brilliant idea and I hope all of my friends who travel in the area will use it. Thanks so much for what you did to make this happen for us.

Lucy and Sidney (USA)About their Home Dinner with Wim and Marja (August 2010)
Ghita and Bent (Denmark)

It was a perfect match, and we had a wonderful evening with at lot of fun and nice food and wine. Now we just look forward to see Don and Benedict in Copenhagen. Best regards and thank you!

Ghita and Bent (Denmark)About their Home Dinner with Don and Benedict (June 2010)